Silken Repose

She rested delicately on him
like the pouring raindrop
rests on marshy leaf
before it dries on land



Midnight Dreams


I shall meet you
but In a Safest place darling,
Ask me where is it
That question I may not answer
For, You shall find me there soon

At time,
when moon awaits for sun’s ray
My love, I tell you
not to wait with your eyes open
Know well, You shall not see me
until you sleep like a little baby

Landing to the safest place
Dear, it turned out to be your dream
May I try to flatter you only just
visiting you there in solitude
I very well finished my universal tour

Amidst the Woods

contest3451_bannerRustle of dead leaves
reminds her existence amidst the woods;

and she takes one more step
following the sun,
as this path has no destine
Where, her heart had found peace
in bird’s chirping and bees buzzing
in trees bowing and dew’s showering

for.. the heaven lies in this part of earth
and it’s beauty had her drowned; completely,
to her heart’s contempt

Try again better way


If you comfort yourselves with the shoes
how would you know the pleasure of high heels
If a young little girl, waited on Prince
how would she learn that she is a Queen
If everyone had tried on being rich
how would the world be a happy place to live

Trying for the things to work in the same way
Would result be any better?
Each time you fall, you end up with bruises
and rise once more, but same way again

Had you collected a scar over bruises,
You would have found what you have aimed
Had you tried on wearing High heels,
You would have been tall enough to reach above
Had little girl kept on waiting for a prince
She would have lived only a fairy tale life
Had everyone tried only to be rich
They would have died finding true happiness

Do not you fear of taking a chance
That would be enough to make you